The family, started as a small family company and has been producing food since 1932, founded Deep Tastes in 2015 with the third generation executives. Deep Tastes is to produce healthy snacks for anyone who needs special nutrition. It, therefore, offers a wide variety of snacks and energy/protein bars. It specializes in gluten-free, raw, vegan, ketogenic, non-added sugar and high protein snacks. They are selective in terms of quality and freshness for the ingredients and thus have both healthy and delicious products.


In pursuit of good food with real ingredients, Mom’s Natural Foods increases the richness of oats with fruit, nuts, and seeds while preparing their granolas. They use apple juice instead of added sugar in their products. They add wheat germ, which is considered one of nature’s most valuable food, and bake it with extra virgin olive oil of the Aegean. Thus, they create granola with high fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Mom’s does not add preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, and flavors to its kitchens and emphasize that its recipes consist of readable and known ingredients. With their mother’s hand, they produce granola “simple and delicious” and it can be consumed with milk, yogurt, fresh fruits or ice cream, and if you wish, you can simply eat the granolas as it is.

Bon Appetite…


ENY FOOD is an Aegean-based company specialized in gourmet snacks and their goal is to share delicious products from the rich and fertile lands of the Aegean Region with consumers all around the world. Since 2014, ENY Food has become a well-known company in the food industry. ENY Food continues to develop a wide range of specialty food products’ grow in its sector with the goal of sustainable development and aims to provide quality service to customers worldwide.


Massara aims to offer you the right flavors at the right time. Massara produces healthier and nutritious products by blending the sweet flavors by following the innovations. Massara, which adheres to the principle of halal and hygienic production with healthy environmental conditions and quality raw material selection, aims to bring its products to the end-user through retail points.